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Introducing Krisp Clothing’s refreshing new collection: a collection that encompasses all women, from those in their twenties to those in their fifties, helping them to make their precious pennies go further with pieces that will seamlessly provide style for both SS17 and AW17.

Krisp have been working closely to perfectly understand what the average woman wants from her wardrobe. After getting to know the fashion-forward and purse-savvy female personally, Krisp have used their findings to inspire this thoughtful new collection.

This collection boasts practicality without a loss of trend, casualwear that remains true to style, and comfort that does not disregard woman’s femininity and shape. This collection is the inexpensive fashion fix that your reader has been longing for.

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Sometimes women want to step out of their comfort zone and take a break from the everyday. This bodycon style is perfect for feeling curvaceous on a date night or an evening with the girls. The neutral tone puts the Krisp woman at ease, while the cut enhances her all-important femininity.   


The Krisp Basics in this collection are far from boring. The fitted cut and chic colour of this classic tailored blazer recognizes that wardrobe staples do not have to compromise style.

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The Bohemian styles within this collection not only offer the ideal loose and flowy fit, but also effortlessly see women through both summer and autumn. This is a flattering, ageless trend that works stylishly for both seasons.


With this new collection, women can still look trendy and polished when running errands or simply relaxing with the family. Krisp's casual styles incorporate both comfort and style, so women never have to be at a loss.


Most women were found to want style that is both on-trend and practical, and this collection aims to cater to those needs. As is the goal for most of the pieces in the collection, this denim dress is fashionable with the added bonus of a flattering cut.

Living an average life does not mean that the average woman will settle for dull and shapeless styles. This elegant white number is a glimpse at how the Krisp customer can push the boundaries of fashion while still keeping within her usual price range.

With cost being a key factor in most women's wardrobes, this collection needed to be full of pieces that can go further. This Krisp Basics dress is the perfect example of a Krisp item that can effortlessly take you from daytime to night-time during any season.

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Our fashion-forward women work hard for their families and within their careers so, naturally, they deserve to be treated to high-end looks at low-cost prices. Pairing a safe and neutral tone with a glamorous detailed back, this dress is perfect for when the Krisp woman wants to ditch work for play.

Providing for women both in their twenties and fifties means that this new collection has a lot of ground to cover. While most want a loose and flowy feel, there’s still room to cater for those ladies who long for fashionable figure-hugging fits. Women should not feel subjected to just one style.

Practical women need their fashion to go further. This stylish look isn’t strictly summer or autumn – it works for both! These trousers function for both the desk or girly drinks, while the glittery flatforms can be worn by both the teen of the house or the trendy aunt.

This outfit exhibits how Krisp's new collection makes simple and affordable pieces look expensive. Both the pussybow blouse and paperbag trouser can be dressed up or down but, no matter how these items are styled, they are guaranteed to look worth more than their inexpensive price tag. 

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With this new collection, cool colour tones and loose fits do not equal to dull and lifeless style. This simple waterfall cardigan is comfy, casual, feminine and fashionable …everything that the average woman wants from her everyday clothes.

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Comfortable can also be feminine, and flattering can also be practical. The Krisp Basics in this new collection excel in offering the Krisp customer exactly what she wants for less. With long sleeves and a wrap style cut, this simple dress flaunts figures while also putting them at ease. 

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Maxi styles are the ideal pieces of casualwear for both summer and autumn. Not only do they look good, they also feel fabulous! With crochet detailing and a white neutral tone, this maxi can work as either a comfortable everyday style or a trendy garden party look.

Each piece in this collection can be worn in more than one way for more than one season – it all depends on how the individual chooses to style them. For example, blazers can be either casual, work wear or night-time chic. These are classic and affordable garments that will last long.

 E-mail emma@krisp.co.uk to request a sample for your article or blog. For this blazer, quote 3558

The Bohemian style was found to be a firm favourite with the women that Krisp got-to-know. This new collection sees it incorporated into wearable and flattering garments that those of all ages will feel comfortable in. This stunning number can be worn as a summer dress or a tunic to be paired with jeans on cooler autumn days.

If the money-savvy style-guru finds a style that’s affordable, fashionable and comfortable, she’s going to want more than one! This collection has made sure to offer the favourite and most reliable pieces in a variety of different colours and patterns. 

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